This page is a quick collection of links relevant to Mark Moldwin's research and education activities.

(updated 06/17/2009)

My new University of Michigan address effective July 1, 2009 is:

University of Michigan
Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences

Space Research Building
2455 Hayward Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143
(734) 647-3370

mmoldwin AT

New Web Page

My term of Space Physics Section editor of GRL ended 1/31/2007. Contact me at regarding papers submitted before that date. Check the GRL web-page for editor assignment of papers sent after that date.

Wizard of Id: I am always looking for bright students. Drop me an e-mail if you are interested in undergraduate or graduate training in the space sciences. Note that I am moving to the University of Michigan July 1, 2009.


Moldwin's main UCLA Earth and Space Sciences Web page (contact info etc.)

Fiat Lux 1-credit weekly seminar offered Fall 2002

Honors Collegium 4-credit course offered Fall 2003

Fiat Lux 1-credit weekly seminar offered Winter 2004

ESS 7: The Perils of Space: An Introduction to Space Weather offered as a GE Science Course Fall 2004 and Winter 2006 and Spring 2008

Advanced Graduate Space Plasma Physics, ESS 240 Spring 2004

(Can access all the workshop material, curriculum guides, and HEMISPHERE Bulletin Board)

(Can acess MEASURE magnetometer data directly from this web site)

Adventures in Science Monthly Column

Solar - Terrestrial Physics Timeline

(Highlighted in Physics Today March 2005 Web Watch)

PowerPoint Talks

Research Corporation 2002 Cottrell Scholar's Conference presentation titled

"Scientists Role and Responsibility in Pre-College Science Teacher Professional Development"

UCLA Friday Space Physics Seminar (10/2002) presentation titled

"GPS derived TEC Measurements for Plasmaspheric Studies: A Tutorial and Recent Results"

FCAT Global Change presentation (2/2003)

"Science Teacher Professional Development Workshop"

CSU-Northridge Bianchi Planetarium Talk (1/2005)

"Space weather"

GE70B End of Earth - Space Exploration Lecture (3/2006)

GE70B Lecture (ppt file)

AGU GIFT Teacher Workshop - Baltimore (May 2006)


Publications and Pre-Prints

Publication List

Research Corporation Scientists Role and Responsibility Paper (download Fall 02 pdf)

Adventures in Science (Monthly Column in Culver City News)

Travel Pictures

2002 Travelogue

Mar/Apr 2005 Antarctica Pictures (My Pictures, Dinny Falkenburg's Photos)

Nov/Dec 2005 Antarctica Pictures (My Pictures, James Weygand's Photos) video of storm

March 2006 Turkey Solar Eclipse Pictures (UCLA Alumni Association pictures)

November 2008 Ethiopia (NASA Documentary)

July 2009 Join me to see a 6 minute Solar Eclipse in China! (UCLA Alumni Travel)

Students, Post-Docs and Researchers

Academic Family Tree (My acadmic advisor "family" going back 13 generations)

David Berube (Now Professor of Physics at LMU)

David Galvan (Now Post-doc at NASA JPL)

Megan Cartwright (Now Post-doc at UC-Berkeley)

Mike Hartinger (Grad)

Mike Bevin (Grad)

Endawoke Yizengaw (Professional Researcher)

Tristan Miller (Undergrad)

Jessica Sidhu (Undergrad)

Brannon Altenhofen (Undergrad)

Sara Rose (Undergrad)

Science Education Links and Resources

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

The Galileo Project

Los Angeles Area Family Guide to Science (pdf for Elementary School Families)